Saltwater Fishing
aboard the...
Take it E-Z!
"Take It EZ"
Wading the Flats
The Coyle Family
This Babe can really fish
The Boys from Troy
The Bulls
The Blitz!
Monomoy Stripers
Jeff Vickers
Steve Brennen
Tony Biski With an Albie...
The Mayor with another Albie
A successful Albie catch for this angler off the Take it E-Z
Catch'n Albie's off South Monomoy flats in Tony's boat
"Take it E-Z"
Click the photo's below
to enlarge and see great
pictures of striped bass
swimming the surf off
south beach in Chatham.
The stripped bass were
feeding on peanut bunker.
Chris with his albie!
Tony with Fat Albert!