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5/13/07 - 40 inch Stripped Bass! This past week several solid reliable sources confirming
reports of striped bass being caught around the Cape, but in our own waters off Chatham we
have the strongest report of the largest fish thus far...A 40 inch striped bass caught off Hardings
beach with herring used as bait. Some reports of keepers off Harding's, as well as, Pleasant Bay,
have circulated this past week and created quite the stir. Lots of striped bass are being landed
daily off these beaches as well as others around town. In other reports we have strong reports
the squid are still holding ground inside stage harbor and the pogies are in unbelievable
numbers everywhere you go.
5/8/07 - A great start! As of today, I have spent the last couple weeks pulling schoolie sized
striped bass out of the Mill Pond, but stripers have been caught in all our towns rivers, bays, and
harbors. Recent reports have come from Bass River reporting some legal sized striped bass
being landed. Reports stated a 28 inch  and a 36 inch striped bass have been landed. Word of
mouth has also reported a few legal sized striped bass being caught by the herring run in
Brewster. The season is upon us and is looking good. Our waters are filled with pogies, and the
squid are making a run through our waters for the past week. All in all, some really good fishing is
happening right now with all this bait jammed up inside our rivers, bays, and harbors.
4/25/07 - Stage Harbor! This morning, Wednesday April 25th 2007, a customer claimed to have
caught a couple striped bass on silver spoons in the mid afternoon of Tuesday the 24th of April.
He said he only made about 30 to 40 casts and managed to hook into a couple nice striped bass.
4/22/07 - Stripers are here! Reports of stripped bass being caught in Bass River are the first of
this early spring. If not already, we should soon see the striped bass invading our waters of
Chatham. This time of year the striped bass can be found close to shore keeping warmed by the
sun in shallow waters. Best lures to use for striped bass are your Storm lures, Heddon spookes,
and various bunker or shad color spoons.
Chatham Ponds - Goose Pond & School House Pond are having mixed reviews. Currently
fisherman are choosing Goose Pond over School House pond. Goose Pond has been producing
some large Brown, Rainbow, and Tiger Trout this season. Although School House Pond has
shown signs of life, Goose Pond is the fisherman's choice thus far. Haven taken time to ask the
local fisherman about there fishing, I have learned that a variety of spoons and bait have been
successful. Fly fishing has as well reported strong fishing reports out of Goose Pond. It appears
that all you need to do is just get out and fish. I took time myself and have landed a few 14 and
15 inch Rainbows. According to reports, my fish are on the small side of the scale. Sunday April
8th I stumbled across a man who had caught an 18 inch rainbow on the eastern side of Goose
but claims to have caught a 21 inch just days before. As far as Trout fishing, things are looking
good and with over 3000 fish stocked in Goose this year, fishing should remain strong for a while
to come.
The Ponds are Stocked - Within the last week our local ponds were stocked with Brook, Brown,
Rainbow, and Tiger Trout. According to Mass. Wildlife there is an estimated 625,800 trout that
will be stocked throughout Massachusetts. The stocking period begins in mid March and runs
until Memorial Day. Stated by the Mass. Wildlife, more than half of the trout stocked in our local
ponds, lakes, and rivers will be over 12 inches in length. The majority of larger trout will end up in
the larger bodies of water. 3/26/07 To view stocking schedule click this link below
5/14/07 - This is not a joke! Far too many reports of bluefish are being reported caught off our
local beaches. In the past week we have made fun of a few fishermen who've claimed to have landed
a bluefish or two. But it was no mistake! Bluefish are being caught right now off Chatham shores. We
have seen a large amount of bait in our water; squid, pogies, and shad have filled our waters with
unbelievable numbers. The striped bass have been caught in great abundance and we have seen
striped bass, keeper size, measuring up to 40 inches being caught. Now we are catching bluefish
who have arrived way earlier than I can ever remember in my lifetime. Also being caught right now,
reports that fluke are being pulled out of our waters. Am I dreaming or does this look like
its going to be a dream season.
5/21/07 - Fly Fishing! The success of fishing Chatham waters has spread across the country as I have met people from as
far west as California and as south as Florida whom have rescheduled there trips to arrive even earlier than planned this year
to fish our waters for the striped bass. Recently a fisherman reported a yellow & chartreuse deep minnow clouser was the fly
to use off the mouth of stage harbor landing several striped bass over a couple hours. Mostly people have been using a olive
green and white deceiver or bunker imitation to find success. From the surf casting side of the world fisherman have been
finding success on just about anything they use. Stripers are being caught everywhere using top water lures to metal spoons,
but chunk bait, sand worms and squid have produced thus far; a 40 inch striped bass was caught off Hardings Beach on
chunked herring.
5/24/07 - Cow Belly Striper! A 48 inch 45 pound striped bass was caught on the Cape Thursday morning and weighed in at
Chatham Bait & Tackle. The catch was made by a Striper Cup contestant from his boat giving him a great chance for the
Month of May Lead.
5/30/07 - Whats Working! White's, Chartreuse, Arkansa's (sand eel pattern), and Pink's are the colors of choice. Top water
plugs, poppers, and other lures including shallow divers have produced great success. Metal spoons such as, Hopkins,
Krocodile's, Kastmaster's are working with such variations as buck tails and teaser's to improve attraction. Almost all baits
have shown success thus far, but squid and clams have had a bigger output in pleasant bay and chunk baits sauch as herring,
pogies, and mackeral have been the bait in the sound. Live eels and sand worms are working well, but live lining pogies if you
are willing to catch your own have turned over some big cow bellied bass. braved
6/2/07 - Bad weather but great fishing! Pogies littered the water so thick that you could probably walk across them and
reach shore without getting your feet wet. Snagging pogies for bait was simple, you probably could have reached down and
pulled them from the water by hand there were so many. Taking note that the pogies were top water and breaching, it was
obvious that something was pushing them up. Chunking some pogies and drifting through the channel was the next step and
the right step. One fish after the other, big striped bass and blue fish were the result of just being there and putting a line in
the water. Within seconds of each and every cast and drift a fish was on. It seemed as if every fish in the water was highly
concentrated in this one area. 34 to 38 inch striped bass, 10 pound blue fish and not but two other boats braving the weather
6/18/07 Whats on Tap! Thus far your chartreuse, whites, pinks, arkansas, and even blue colors have been the choice for
catching striped bass. Top water shallow water fishing has produced the most exciting results. Chunk bait below the blue fish
feeding on the pogies has found the eager mouths of some big cow bellied striped bass everywhere. Stage Harbor mouth has
been a popular fishing ground for chunking pogies on the bottom drift. The western side of the southern tip of monomoy has
produced a whole lot of smiling fishermen using chartreuse baits. The striped bass seem eager to get outside as they have
been gathering in the western flats of monomoy getting ready to make the turn, but for now we can still find a healthy
amount of fish camped up close to our shores just about any where you decide to fish. Any and all baits have found great
success and as far as what is working better off Chatham shores, its just putting your line in the water thats working best, no
one bait has stood out better as the fish are hungry and looking easy to catch.
6/27/07 Making The Turn! In the past few days the striped bass have made the turn around the southern most point of
Monomoy and are currently being found in the rips. Both sand eels and pogies have been the key to successful catches in the
rips thus far. Reports of 40 inch striped bass have been the regular for those whom have wondered out to the rips. Also in the
news, there have been several blue fin tuna caught around crab ledge over the past couple weeks. 40 to 110 pound blue fin
tuna have been reported by our recreational fisherman. A variety of baits have been used for successful landings. Reports
have shown a very large amount of pogies are still filling the waters of stage harbor and have been drawing in great numbers
of striped bass at night and as well the day.
7/7/07 Whats Hot! Although the majority of fish have made the turn to the outside, plenty of striped bass and bluefish are still
swimming our inside waters. Early mornings and nights have always been a great time to fish for these game fish. Pleasant
Bay has produced fish using chunk bait like herring, or live bait like sand worms and or live American eels. Both squid and
clams have been a popular choice in pleasant bay as well. Sand eels are a primary bait for striped bass and you can use this
bait almost anywhere you fish, such as, the Monomoy rips, stage harbor, pleasant bay, Nantucket sound, or any other beach
you may be fishing. In the Rips of Monomoy, such as Bearses Shoals, fisherman have found fishing success using almost
anything at all. But sand eels and chunk pogies have been mostly used. Reports of keepers in the ranges from 32 inches to 40
plus inches are the norm through out the rips. Stage Harbor is still loaded with pogies and fishing the channel, both live lining
and chunking the bottom have continued to produce nice fish. The blue fin tuna have been around for a few weeks and have
been caught with great success at all our local tuna spots. Squid bars, daisy chains, metal jigs, and or green machines have
been the choice, but live lining blues or using Bally hoo have also worked with great success
7/24/07 Deeper Waters! South Monomoy, both west side and east side are still producing keepers. Although the shoals are
crowded with anxious anglers creating loads of traffic problems keep in mind that there are far more shoals to fish besides
that of which are crowded with the inexperienced crowd followers. When fishing the shoals, crowds aren't always a sign of
great fishing. Often the inexperienced fisherman follows others in hopes to catch his own luck. Recently the bigger striped
bass have been found seldom but when found they are found in deeper waters and constantly moving. Your work is cut out
for you. The shoals are still producing great fish on all sorts of baits but the big fish are creating a challenge even for the most
experienced fisherman. Try Tube and worm, hydro squids, bulb squids for both top water and bottom, sand eels, and live
American eels are working well, as well as, yozuri deep divers in deeper water.
7/26/07 The big ones are tough to come by! Striped bass are being caught by the dozens off the shoals of monomoy, but the
ever elusive big ones are tough to come by. Today the larger of the striped bass measuring up to mid 40's were found north
of the shoals. The water was like glass and with a single diamond jig returning from the bottom pulling up a visual of several
large striped bass pursuing  the jig was breath taking. One after the next; 40 plus inches; and not another boat around. Nope!
They were all banging around in the shoals settling for small schoolie striped bass.
8/11/07 Pleasant Bay! Stripers are in! With the new cut allowing a massive amount of new clean cold water to pour into
Pleasant Bay, we are seeing a larger amount of fish swimming throughout the waters inside. Nights have been prime for
striped bass in Pleasant bay. Live eels, sand worms, squid, and clams have been the baits of choice. Top water lures have
found great success as well as bait during the days but fishing nights has been best. Quite a bit of herring have been sighted
jumping out of the water around the rips off Ministers Point. Strong island is still a favorite for tube and worms and has
produced several nice fish through out the season.
9/7/07 The Fishings still Good! West side Monomoy, from the Northern most tip of north Monomoy island to Hankerchief
Shoals we are seeing a large amount of Bonito and Albacore swimming the waters aggressively and even running up on the
shores of stage harbor mouth, southern end. Striped bass are still being caught off shore. They have been ranging from 36
inches to 49 inches. A 47 pound 49 inch bass was weighed in recently and gives us goods hopes for the fall season. Recently
striper's have been seen running the shoreline of south beach chasing the peanut bunker making them easy to find and catch.
Watch for the incoming tides for the runs. Blue fish still litter our waters heavily and can be found anywhere. Pictures are
available in the photo gallery 2.
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